Francks F. Deceus

Francks showed a few of the Billboards in the Parallax Art Fair in May of this year.  It is a new body of work with no figures and very few words.  The paintings are acrylic on board and are simple but very elegant and use Francks’ warm, earthy colors.

Billboards are often found along a highway and advertise a product.  Some say they are used to highlight what’s hot or important.   Not these Billboards.  These show direction with arrows that silently lead you along the way.  One or two have the word “Dreams” written on them – a suggestion of another direction - one of our own thoughts, not someone’s attempt to influence us in a particular way.

Francks graduated from Long Island University with a degree in Sociology.  This discipline informs his work from the earlier studies of working families to the groups that gather to make a statement to these “silent communicators” .  

Since Deceus came from Haiti he has lived and worked in Brooklyn.  He studied printmaking at Bob Blackburn’s studio and completed a residency in print making in Gentilly, France in 2007.   He was influenced thematically and stylistically in his earlier work by Jacob Lawrence and William Johnson but has found his own quiet voice in these pastoral signboards.

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