Portraits: Gwenn Thomas


Gwenn Thomas is an artist whose process integrates ideas which germinated in the 70s, evolved in the 80s and 90s and presents as a reinvented idiom in the present. It combines painting, photography, architecture, collage in abstraction geometry, color and black and white.

Gwenn’s work is consistently intelligent and formal at the same time and sources well known artists of various time periods: Marcel Duchamp, Rene Magritte, Lee Krasner, Max Ernst, Piet Mondrian and Velasquez. 

The work shown here is a photograph of a window backlit by nature in a frame which refers to Gwenn’s earliest painted framed photographs of streetscapes. Specifically, one thinks of Duchamp’s Fresh Widow- the actual window painted with black-out panes and a turquoise frame or many of the paintings by Rene Magritte with clouds or trees or other landscapes references and a strong painted frame. within the canvas. 

Moments of Place IMoments of Place IV

Another work by Gwenn Thomas on this website references Duchamp’s Airvent photograph which Gwenn retitles and reinterprets as ” Breeze”.

Breeze 1Breeze 2Breeze 3Breeze 4

Point of Contact Gallery, Syracuse, NY
“Moments Of Place” By Gwenn Thomas

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