Parallax Art Fair

I want to welcome you to my website, it has many works from the Parallax exhibition, recently mounted at the Prince George Hotel Ballroom.

Very fine works by Roberta Allen, Gulsen Calik, Billy Copley, Daria Dorosh, Francks Francks F.Deceus, Jill Enfield, Ruth Ann Fredenthal, Yimin Huang, Cheryl Kaplan, Lauren Seiden, Gwenn Thomas and Kamar Thomas are shown individually as well as in the installation.

Jill Enfield’s fine art digital print is made from one of her wet collodion images from the forthcoming book and exhibition, New Americans.   Roberta Allen’s fine art digital print is not a flower but looks like one and was photographed on a trip to Honduras.  Gulsen Calik works with tea and shows her ink drawings as well as her stories in ink on actual tea bags. Billy Copley uses collage elements in a lively and colorful assemblage while Francks Deceus makes a series of Billboard paintings in soft poetic colors.  Daria Dorosh selects engravings from an 18th century French book –this page tells about the assembly of a mirror-and paints in reflective colors on the print.  Ruth Ann Fredenthal shows her handwork in these small paintings on paper-something she usually conceals with layers of paint on canvas. Yimin Huang draws in color with humor in a bold dream-like painting full of surreal creatures.  Cheryl Kaplan makes a series of unique archival inkjet photographs with images of startling juxtapositions.  Lauren Seiden “paints” with graphite to arrive at an extraordinarily luminous and complex surface.  Gwenn Thomas riffs on Marcel Duchamp’s air vent with her photogram called Breeze in expressive silver gelatin. Kamar Thomas’ bold colorful faces continue to erupt from his canvases whether 8 x 8inches or 5 x 5 feet.  You can see and read more about the Fair here.


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